Corinne Flynn


I spent years watching my sister struggle with acne. She was prescribed every medication and antibiotic available and endured some horrible side effects. I wanted to help and that’s when I began to realise the possibilities of nutrition.


I discovered the power of food and herbs in India, where I studied Ayurvedic medicine at a hospital for a month, and returned home to spend three years studying nutritional science.


I am an advocate for working alongside mainstream medicine – true complementary therapy, and will take time to consider any drugs that you are on and how we can support you in combination with them.


I live my life by my wonderful mum’s guiding principle “Everything in moderation”. It is all about balance.


It may or may not surprise you to know that I eat all foods and drink all drinks (well not all but most!), however, I use my knowledge to make choices that work for me. I used to get terrible period pains and through nutrition I have learnt what I can eat and when, to balance my hormones and avoid PMS.


My main goal is to empower you with the knowledge to make food and lifestyle choices that support your body and your health.


Yes, there might be that time when we have to go the whole hog and eliminate some foods or drinks, but we will always work to your preferences and in the boundaries that you set.


I love cooking and food and the way it can make you feel, but that does not mean that I plan to give you complicated recipes. Since the birth of my child, I can totally understand the need for quick, simple, nourishing meals. Take a look at my Instagram (coming soon) if you’d like some recipe ideas.