Nutritional Therapy for Women’s Health


Supporting hormonal, vaginal and urinary health through nutrition

You’re probably reading this having tried many avenues and nutrition may not be new to you either. I love working with women that are interested in their health. You may have already started educating yourself about your body and are looking for more direction and a deeper knowledge, or, this might be the very beginning of your health journey.


As a naturopathic nutritional therapist I look to support body systems and realign health through food. By taking a thorough health history, exploring your symptoms fully, and using functional testing when appropriate, we will search for the root cause and use food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to give your body the building blocks it needs to re-establish hormonal balance, comfort and health.


Healthy Hormones

Common PMS symptoms and irregular periods are a sign of hormone imbalance, and when these chemical messengers are even more out of whack it can lead to more complications and diagnoses such as Acne, PCOS, Endometriosis, PMDD, Adenomyosis and Fibroids.


Healthy hormones rely on a healthy gut and a healthy liver and these are all areas we can support through specific food and lifestyle choices.

Fertility can be complex and nutrition can contribute to healthy outcomes during pre-conception, pregnancy and post-partum.


Menstrual symptoms are also common as women approach menopause. If you are experiencing new uncomfortable symptoms in your 40’s and 50’s it can often be the beginning of your transition into the menopausal years.


Healthy Vagina


Vaginal health is equally important and goes hand-in-hand with both hormonal and urinary health. Did you know that you are more likely to experience certain vaginal health complications at particular times of the month? Bacterial Vaginosis for example, thrives a couple of days after your period, when oestrogen levels are generally low.


Healthy Urinary System


UTI’s are a common presentation in my clinic as they can be persistent and often return after antibiotic treatment. We are quickly gaining more and more information about the importance of healthy gut bacteria, and our understanding of a healthy vaginal environment is rapidly expanding too. Functional testing can help us see a bigger picture of what is going on and can also help us rule out active infection in Interstitial Cystitis.


Please note that I am trained in all areas of health and am very happy to address other health conditions, including men's health.


If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch and we can discuss this further

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Continued professional development 

In a profession which is forever evolving it is imperative that I keep up with new research. Guided by the conditions I see in clinic, I seek new exciting opportunities for learning.

This year I have taken a master course in female ecology which gave me access to groundbreaking research of the vaginal and urinary microbiomes and the tools to support those experiencing conditions such as UTIs, thrush and bacterial vaginosis.


3-month package:

- Initial consultation (1.5 hours) & therapy plan

- Check-ins every 2-weeks (via 15-minute phone conversations)

- 2 follow-up consultations & revised therapy plans (30-minute sessions at 6-week and 3-month intervals)


6-month package:

- Initial consultation (1.5 hours) & therapy plan

- Check-ins every 2-weeks (via 15-minute phone conversations)

- 3 follow-up consultations & revised therapy plans (30-minute sessions at 8-week, 16-week and 24-week intervals)


6-month package with functional testing

- Initial consultation (1.5 hours) & therapy plan

- Check-ins every 2-weeks (via 15-minute phone conversations)

- 3 follow-up consultations & revised therapy plans (30-minute sessions at 8-week, 16-week and 24-week intervals)

- Complete Ecologix Test: to measure bacterial balance, inflammation and overall health of gastrointestinal, oral and vaginal ecosystems

- DNA health, DNA Oestrogen & Dutch Complete: to map DNA health in relation to hormones and measure current hormone metabolism


Before the initial consultation you will be sent a pre-appointment questionnaire and a 7-day diet diary for you to fill out prior to your appointment.

The initial consultation usually lasts 90 minutes and includes a comprehensive health history assessment to identify times in your life that may have contributed to a state of ill health or a general feeling of less than optimal health.

As a naturopathic nutritionist, I consider the body as a whole and that all the systems are inter-related. We will explore which of your body systems may be under stress and how this could be impacting your health. Understanding these complex connections in the body is key to positive results.

Where appropriate, additional laboratory testing might be recommended to delve deeper into the assessment of your health.

Following the consultation all your information will be evaluated and you will be sent an individualised food and lifestyle plan based on an extensive evidence base of nutritional science and to meet your personal needs. This is likely to include some natural supplement recommendations, in order to boost specific areas of your health initially and will be revised at your follow up consultation. The plan will be presented to you via email within 2 weeks.

Follow up consultations are generally recommended 6 weeks after the diet and lifestyle plan has been implemented. During the follow up consultation we will consider the progress that has been made and adjust the plan where needed. Nutritional therapy is not a quick fix but more of a health journey and the number of follow ups required will depend on each individual circumstance.

Functional testing may be suggested if appropriate. It offers the opportunity to look deeper into what is going on inside the body and provides a more targeted and specific approach to your plan. Costs for testing will be discussed with you and is payable separately (unless they are included in the plan you have chosen). Tests will be sent directly to your home from regulated laboratories.  Some tests can be arranged through your GP, and I can write to your GP to try to arrange these.

Privacy and confidentiality

All information exchanged during nutritional therapy consultations is private and confidential. Clients can request that relevant information regarding personalised protocols or test results be communicated with other healthcare professionals but this will only be undertaken with the full consent of the client.