Holistic nutrition advice to support women after birth and into motherhood

4th Trimester Support

Often a difficult time to reach out when you are in the throws of looking after your new baby, but I am available for home visits in Bristol to work with you and build an individualised  nutrition and lifestyle plan to support healing and the health of you and your baby. 

Nourish Mama

Food Package

8 nutritious meals delivered to nourish new mamas and those surrounding them in the first weeks after birth.

The perfect gift to yourself or someone you'd like to support during the early days of the new arrival - take the cooking out of the equation and give space and time to get to know the new member of the family.

Weaning Workshop

Thursday 9th June, Bristol



Just when you’ve got the hang of breastfeeding or a bottle feeding routine and you’re in a good grove it’s suddenly time to introduce other foods.

I will be hosting this half-day workshop, guiding parents with babies through the introduction of solid foods. The session will be based on a mix of baby-led and spoon-fed weaning as well as an informal training on baby first-aid to provide reassurance on giving your baby thicker textures and pieces of food. We will make a nutritious lunch together and sit down to eat with you and your baby (if they’re ready).


  • A 1 hour baby first aid session covering choking and CPR.

  • A mixture of baby-led and spoon-fed weaning information to guide you through the introduction of solid foods.

  • Preparing and enjoying a nutritious lunch for you and your baby (if they are eating solids)


Come along whether you are only just considering weaning or you would like a bit more information and guidance around what you are already offering your baby.


Suitable for parents of babies around 4-9months (or earlier if you like to be more prepared)

- Please bring a sling if you have one as babies will need to be held whilst in the kitchen space. There will be space for your baby to move around and play with other babies on the floor in the dining room.