How can I support you?

"I'm looking for general support during pregnancy and would like to share my experience with other like-minded mamas" 
"I have a health condition or concern and am looking for in-depth support and guidance"
"I'd like some individualised care and information around this phase of my life"


"I had suffered from eczema for 3 years and until I met Corinne nothing worked! I had tried everything, spent hundreds of pounds on skin care products and hours trawling the Internet for 'the cure'. When I was told by the NHS there was nothing more they could do for me, I resigned myself to living with this horrible condition - by this point I wasn't sleeping and I frequently cancelled evenings out because my skin was so painful. 


When my friend recommended I book an appointment with Corinne I was sceptical to say the least! After all, I had tried everything, and also seen nutritionists in the past, so why would this work? But I booked an appointment anyway - the hope wasn't gone yet. Boy, am I glad I did, meeting Corrine has absolutely changed my life!


Corinne is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and that really shows. I always leave our meetings feeling energized and ready to get going. Her diet plans are easy to follow and she will customise your plan to suit your budget, lifestyle and taste. I thought I would struggle eliminating foods but I've come to love my new lifestyle and diet, because it brings SO many amazing results. 


After 6 months I started to notice a change, and now almost a year later my eczema is almost completely gone. No more sleepless nights and evenings spent slathering myself in steroid cream. I have more energy, my skin condition in general has improved, I'm more body confident and I feel well and healthy. My life has changed and I'm so grateful. 


Thank you Corinne, for all that you do, I will be forever grateful for your amazing guidance and support."



"I’ve had very positive follow up appointments with the specialist regarding my Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, so everything you have suggested is really helping."


"I came to see Corinne at a time when I had frustrating IBS symptoms as well as a type of rosacea on my cheeks for which I was seeing a dermatologist. They had prescribed a number of medications and creams that just weren't making enough of a difference. Corinne went through all my symptoms in detail and asked me about my lifestyle and diet, and came up with a plan to help alleviate these problems. She took care to design a bespoke meal and supplement plan that I could follow, as well as lots of recipes and other ideas that would help me change the way I approached the problem. It has really been a change in lifestyle, but it was made easy with a clear set of guidelines to follow. My IBS symptoms have almost gone and I no longer feel the need to use harsh medications on my face. I would highly recommend visiting Corinne even if it's just to find a way to feel healthier and understand your body better."