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1:1 3-month Package

Work with me for 3-months, taking an in-depth look at your health concerns, your health history and your family health history. We will then make a targeted and achievable therapy plan for you, with food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. Each therapy plan will have 2-3 specific treatment aims to address any body systems that might be under stress, and each recommendation will be prioritised to support these aims.


- Initial consultation (1.5 hours) & therapy plan

- Check-ins every 2-weeks (via 15-minute phone conversations)

- 2 follow-up consultations & revised therapy plans (30-minute sessions at 6-week and 3-month intervals)

* Consultations are held online or in-person at your request


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Ad-hoc Consultation

I am also able to offer ad-hoc initial and follow-up consultations but please note that these include very limited contact time between sessions. I now offer the packages above, as through my experience, I have noticed the need for regular check-ins in order to support clients fully and for the best outcomes.

Initial consultation £130

Follow-up consultation £100

Online Consultation
Functional Testing

Functional testing may be suggested if appropriate. It offers the opportunity to look deeper into what is going on inside the body and provides a more targeted and specific approach to your plan. Costs for testing will be discussed with you and is payable separately. Tests will be sent directly to your home from regulated laboratories.  Some tests can be arranged through your GP or midwife, and I can write a letter for you to try to arrange these.

How does a consultation work?

Initial Consultation:

Before the initial consultation you will be sent a pre-appointment questionnaire and a 7-day diet diary for you to fill out prior to your appointment.

The initial consultation usually lasts 90 minutes and includes a comprehensive health history assessment to identify times in your life that may have contributed to a state of ill health or a general feeling of less than optimal health.

As a naturopathic nutritionist, I consider the body as a whole and that all the systems are inter-related. We will explore which of your body systems may be under stress and how this could be impacting your health. Understanding these complex connections in the body is key to positive results.

Where appropriate, additional laboratory testing might be recommended to delve deeper into the assessment of your health.

Following the consultation all your information will be evaluated and you will be sent an individualised food and lifestyle plan based on an extensive evidence base of nutritional science and to meet your personal needs. This is likely to include some natural supplement recommendations, in order to boost specific areas of your health initially and will be revised at your follow up consultation. The plan will be presented to you via email within 2 weeks.

Follow-up Consultation

Follow up consultations are generally recommended 6 weeks after the diet and lifestyle plan has been implemented. During the follow up consultation we will consider the progress that has been made and adjust the plan where needed. Nutritional therapy is not a quick fix but more of a health journey and the number of follow ups required will depend on each individual circumstance.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All information exchanged during nutritional therapy consultations is private and confidential. Clients can request that relevant information regarding personalised protocols or test results be communicated with other healthcare professionals but this will only be undertaken with the full consent of the client.