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Top 5 calcium sources to support mama and babe

I’m not plant-based but do feel that we should limit our dairy consumption for the health of the world as well as ourselves. I feel like the conundrum about what milks to drink for both us and our babes is rife right now and I will go into more detail about that in my newsletter next week.

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My top calcium-rich foods

That are family friendly and plant-based too!

Sesame seeds





Getting these foods into your little ones shouldn’t be too tricky and are delicious for us to eat with them too.

🥦 Tofu sticks and broccoli florets for baby to hold and can be made into a delicious stir-fry for us and them when they’re ready for full meals.

🌿 Parsley and almonds can be whizzed into a delicious pesto for everyone to enjoy (recipe in my next newsletter)

🍌 Bananas, roast sweet potatoes and other favourite fruits and vegies can be dipped into tahini (made from ground sesame seeds). Hummus also contains tahini.


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